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A Message of Encouragement and Assurance of Prayers From Brother Chidananda

April 23, 2021

Dear Ones, 

Seeing how the Covid pandemic is affecting so many of you in India, Brazil, and other areas hard hit by this crisis, I want you to know that I am holding you in my deepest prayers, as I visualize the great light and blessings of God surrounding and protecting you and hastening the end of this depredation afflicting our global family.

My heart goes out to you, knowing that the pandemic is bringing many dire challenges into your lives and communities. Such tests are not inflicted on the world by God, but by the unseen accumulated influence of humanity’s self-created mass karma. And yet, as God’s beloved children, we can find His unseen hand and loving presence ever with us, no matter what difficulties we may face, if we keep in tune. I urge you to hold steadfast to this truth, maintaining an inner calmness and trust that God’s love and power will see us through these very trying times, for He is our greatest haven of safety — our eternal guide through danger to ultimate security and healing. 

When encountering any situation that threatens your outer stability or well-being, I encourage you to face any fear or insecurity by bringing them consciously into the awareness that the almighty Father/Mother of us all is with you here and now, while powerfully affirming, again and again, in the words of Gurudeva Paramahansa Yoganandaji: “I am castled in God’s presence. No harm can reach me, for in every situation of life — physical, mental, financial, spiritual — I am protected in the fortress of God’s presence.”  

Meditation is our greatest security, and our greatest assurance of getting through these times of crisis with our souls unconquered and untouched. As we open our hearts to God — even momentarily, as often as we can — His healing love and steadying wisdom will soothe and sustain us, renewing our inner strength and uplifting our consciousness to transcend all doubt and uncertainty. In this way, we find ourselves filled with courage and with intuitive direction to lead us to whatever course of action is right for the circumstances confronting us.

Gurudeva gives us the right perspective with which to face any adversity: 

“In the midst of negative conditions, practice ‘opposition’ by thinking and acting in a positive, constructive way. Practice titiksha, which means not to give in to unpleasant experiences, but to resist them without becoming upset mentally. When sickness comes, follow hygienic laws of living, without permitting your mind to be disturbed. Be unruffled in everything you do.”

Dear ones, be assured that the monks and nuns in all of Gurudeva’s SRF/YSS ashrams join me in deep prayer, sending out healing light and loving thoughts of encouragement to each one of you and to the world. Please continue to join your prayers with ours in sending healing vibrations to all those in need of God’s grace and blessings. By helping one another, uplifting those around us by our calm example, and by charging ourselves from the Infinite Source of strength and courage, together we will find our way through these difficult times victoriously.

May God and Gurus bless you, guide you, and watch over you and your families,
Brother Chidananda

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